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The internet – a mind blowingly large marketplace.

The internet just keeps on growing. Today, in 2018, there’s over 3 billion people around the World who use the internet for work, leisure and business.

That’s a lot of people..

By using a computer and creating a web page, we all have the opportunity of connecting with and talking to every one of those internet users.

That’s a massive opportunity.. just think of the size of that market place..

Earn money from the internet

What if we could help some of those internet users and as a result of our help, we were paid some money? Not a massive sum of money for each person, but a sum all the same.

How many people would we need to reach in order to create a full time income?

I live in the UK, in a county called Essex.

At the time of writing in the UK (summer 2016) we have a minimum wage rate set by central Government, which is currently £7.20 per hour.

For a normal working week of 38 hours that adds up to £273.60 weekly gross income.

Imagine that for each internet user we help we receive just £5. That would mean we would need to help just 55 people per week or just 11 people per day in order to replicate the UK minimum wage.

Now you may have plans to earn more than that and that is perfect possible, but the point to think about is that 11 people out of a daily potential pool of over 2 billion is not setting the bar very high!

How we help internet users and how we get paid

Everyday loads (remember 3 billion plus) people use the internet to find things. A lot of that traffic is people looking to buy things from companies. In fact according to the total value of internet sales in 2014 came to a whopping $22.492 Trillion (and in case you’re wondering a trillion looks like this 1,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Work from home today

{A trillion is a lot of cash!}

I don’t know about you but I struggle to get my head around just how big that is, but what we must remember is that for us to create a full time income, we only need a tiny tiny slice of that marketplace. In fact to be really successful we only need a tiny tiny slice of that pie.

So how do we get some of this action?

We put buyers in touch with sellers – it’s as simple as that, it’s as old as the hills and a job people have being doing for centuries. The difference today is that with the growth of the internet you can easily work in this environment from the comfort of your own home.

No longer do many sales people go door to door, it’s mostly done on the internet and each time we introduce a buyer to a seller the selling company pays us a small commission, which is normally worked out as a percentage of the sales value.NIche marketing topic

So for example, if we introduced a customer to a cycle business and the buyer bought a £400 mountain bike, we could receive a 3% commission on the sale, which is £12

OK, so how do I actually introduce the buyer to the seller?

First of all you need a topic or interest for your business to be based around. So, as in the example above, if you’re into mountain biking then you could use that as a topic. Absolutely any product/industry can be the basis of your business, but I find it helps if you pick something you like or enjoy as it’s just more fun that way.

Second you need a website and we always use WordPress.

If you’ve never met WordPress before, don’t worry it’s as easy as typing on a keyboard. These days you don’t have to know anything about HTML code or any type of web builder software in order to build a great looking site. Seriously, don’t worry it really is easy.

Thirdly you need to create content for your site. Your content is the meat of your business and the pages and posts that you create will be the way that you help internet users find what they want.

As an example, you could write some product reviews.

Sticking with the mountain bike theme, you could review a number of bikes and then make a recommendation of the bike that you thought was the best for a beginner cyclist. An internet user looking for a beginners bike would read your review and take up your recommendation.

Fourthly we get paid! Your internet user doesn’t just read your review and then go away. You provide links to a sellers website where they can actually buy the product. There’s a special piece of code in the link that lets the seller know that it was you that referred the customer and that way they know they need to pay you your commission.

Internet Buyer → Your Website → Internet Seller

So that’s the theory, how do I actually do this in practice?

That’s where our great community at Wealthy Affiliate come in. The Wealthy Affiliate training platform has been around for a while and has grown to well over 100,000 members. It provides all the training that you need to build websites for profit as well as all of the tools you need for hosting, promoting and so on. It’s a real one stop shop for internet entrepreneurs.

Wealthy Affiliate Work from home

We all started with the Wealthy Affiliate Free 10 Part Course and I totally recommend that’s what you do too. This course is a great introduction into how everything works and it’s practical hands on training – by the end of lesson 10 you’ll have a functioning website up on the internet for free!

You’ll also get to meet the great people who make up the community. We’re all building our businesses and learning and earning as we go, so if you ever get stuck with something, somebody will be able to help you out.

I should point out that the free course as well as being completely free, only needs a valid email address in order to access it. You can set up a brand new email if you want and if you don’t like the course, Wealthy Affiliate or the idea then you can simply leave with no problems or hassles.

This really is an opportunity to learn how to build an online business and create an income for yourself.

There’s no gimmicks, no hard sell, all you’ll find is 100% of the information you need to succeed and a great bunch of people who will help you along the way.

Come and join in the fun!

>> Create your free account here <<

Any questions, please use the comment box below!

Best wishes


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11 Comments on "How This Works"

  1. Hi,

    I like the sound of this, but was a bit confused with the section about how we create content?


    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Content is the where you help people to find the stuff they want.

      Say you were into gadgets. People could be looking to buy a TV or a games console but not sure which one to buy. If you like your gadgets, then you would be an ideal person to help them out. You could create a page on your website that compared or reviewed say a number of different games consoles from different manufacturers. You can point out the pro and cons of each and eventually reach a recommendation of which is most suitable.

      You review will be published on the internet and Google and other search engines will find it. This means that when someone types into to Google something like “whats better XBox or PS4” your review will appear in Google’s search listing. They click on your review, hopefully find it helpful and then click through to the sellers website via your special links.

      If they buy, you get paid.

      Does that make sense?


      • Hi John,

        Thanks for your reply, that makes more sense.

        I’m in to photography, would that be a good idea for a business?


        • Definitely!

          There’s lots of products you could promote for photography such as..

          Memory cards
          Other accessories
          Printing equipment

          Also subject matter for content could include:

          How to take better pictures in different conditions
          Different types of photography, so landscape, still life etc
          What equipment is best for someone starting out
          Maybe even (only because I’m getting in to it!) cameras for telescopes to take pictures of the night sky.

          See you could go quite narrow with your niche or keep it broader.

          Either way there is lots you can talk about, lots of companies with products to promote and lots of fun to be had!

          You’ve just got to start the ball rolling!


  2. Hello,

    I’ve never built a website before, or used WordPress – will I be able to do this?


    • Hi there Karen,

      It’s actually easier if you’ve never built websites before!

      WordPress is really easy to use, the fact that you’ve left a comment on this site shows me that you have the skills you need.

      Lots of people really worry that’ll it be too complicated for them, but it will OK.

      The training breaks everything down into to simple steps that you follow.

      If you hit a problem, just ask for help.

      Hope that answers your question OK


  3. Stephen 166 | June 2, 2016 at 6:09 pm | Reply

    How do I know this isn’t a scam??

    • Hi Stephen,

      I can tell you as many times as I like that this is genuine, but that’s not as powerful as inviting you to see everything for free, no risk, no commitment, no contracts etc. Take a look at the Start For Free page, the reason the free access is given is so that you can make a clear headed open judgement about the platform for yourself. If you don’t like it, just walk away!

      Hope that helps!

  4. Stephen 166 | June 2, 2016 at 6:10 pm | Reply

    I’ve wasted tons of money on programs that didn’t work!!

    • Hi Stephen,

      Yes, we all have at some point.

      It’s an unfortunate hazard of the work at home/home business environment.

      There are lots of people looking to score a quick buck by selling a dream but not backing it up with the necessary tools and support to make those dreams a reality.

      The free trial here is designed to help people over those fears – it really is without any risk, all you need to give is a valid email address.

      If you have any other questions, just ask Stephen, that’s why we are here.


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