Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam

No business will completely satisfy 100% of the people who interact with it and Wealthy Affiliate is no different from any other business in that respect. But is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam? Here is an overview of what you can expect from Wealthy Affiliate and the main reasons why people have complaints.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform, website builder and hosting service all wrapped up in a single package. The company has been running since 2005 and has approximately 200,000 active members who all have one or, in many cases, more than one functioning website.

Build a free website with Wealthy Affiliate

Almost all of the websites that have been set up follow the affiliate marketing model, as in they promote other people’s products and earn a commission each time a sale is made through the website.

A key component of how Wealthy Affiliate works is the interaction between the members and the founders of the business. The platform has many ways that you can interact with others. You can ask a question, use the live chat or search the extensive video and text based training modules if you get stuck with a problem.

As Wealthy Affiliate has attracted members from all around the World (as well as those who don’t ever seem to sleep!) no matter where you are or what time you ask for help, there will be many people able to help.

The training is structured so that a new member is guided through what they need to do in order to build their first website. Each task has to be completed before moving on to the next. This is a great idea as it prevents new members from jumping around the training and getting lost and confused.

The owners of the platform offer a completely free 7 day trail so that potential members have a real opportunity to take a look at the system in depth before making the decision whether to join or not. The trial can be accessed without providing any credit card or payment details whatsoever.

This is a really important offer as the owners want people to be able to trial the system with absolutely no risk at all. You can set up your free account and if, after 7 days, you decide its not for you then you can simply leave. No payments will have been made by you and no payments will (or can be) taken from you in the future.

If you decide to stay, you can remain as a free member if you like but most people upgrade their membership to Premium as this allows continuing full access to the system and ongoing live training.

The first month of Premium membership costs just $19 and then $47 a month thereafter.

So that’s an overview of how Wealthy Affiliate works, so what do people complain about?

Wealthy Affiliate complaint #1 “There’s too much information!”

This is a reasonably common problem facing new members. Many other training products that people have come across tend to be quite small in size and don’t cover all of the areas that you need to get to grips with in order to build a successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is very different. It is a completely comprehensive training package that will teach you everything you need to know from the early stages of setting up WordPress correctly right the way through to Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and so on.

With so much information available many newcomers feel swamped and find it difficult to take everything in. The owners are aware that this is a common problem and that’s why they have set the training up on a stepwise basis and require each task to be completed before the system allows you to move on to the next.

This way means that knowledge is built up slowly and you are not asked to run before you can walk.

Wealthy Affiliate complaint #2 “This is a bit like work!”

There are a lot of programs available on the internet at the moment that promise riches without the need for any or much work to be done.

They talk about “instant riches” or “earnings on autopilot” and so on. There are often pictures of fast cars and expensive yachts and sometimes have videos produced on a “luxury island location”.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam review

They all sound very inviting but needless to say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

It is not possible to build an online business or any business without putting in some effort. Wealthy Affiliate makes no bones about this. They know from experience that if anyone follows the training then they will end up with a profitable online business, but you have to work at it. There are no shortcuts or offers of “done for you” packages, if you want the success and the money that will change your life then you need work for it.

Some people just don’t like that idea.

Wealthy Affiliate complaint #3 “I’ve lost my write privileges!”

When you access your free trial you receive full interaction privileges within the system. This means that you can use the Live chat, ask questions and generally interact fully with all of the other members. But this is only available for the first 7 days.

This because the 7 day trial is designed to give a chance to see how everything operates so you can decide whether to join up or not, it’s not intended to allow you full access for free forever.

This means that after the 7 days have expired your write privileges are restricted and some people will complain about that.

Wealthy Affiliate complaint #4 “I have a billing issue”

Occasionally people run into billing issues. This could be as a result of trying to change the date on which their monthly premium membership payment is taken or if they are looking to put their membership on hold and drop out of premium membership.

When there are any billing or payment problems all members need to do is to contact the owners directly. The owners, who are called Kyle and Carson are active members of the community and can be found on the live chat or via their profiles.

They are real people and they will sort out any issues quickly.

So is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

No, it’s definitely not a scam.

It is a complete platform for learning and building online businesses and has one of the most helpful communities of people online who help each other to grow their businesses.

Want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate?

The free starter account also gives you access to a 10 part “Getting Started” course which takes from a zero starting position and finishes up with a real website that is published on the web.

You can also read about what my main concerns were when I was thinking about joining Wealthy Affiliate

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