Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

My online career began with the Wealthy Affiliate 10 part starter course and after a while I decided to upgrade and access the Premium tools and training at the cost of £30 ($47) a month. Here is my personal account of my Wealthy Affiliate experience, followed by the comments of others who are either on the Free course or have also upgraded to Premium:

How did you first hear about Wealthy Affiliate?

I was doing some research on another opportunity and was thinking about getting involved with it. When I was searching for reviews on Google about that opportunity, I came across a site run by Wealthy Affiliate member Marcus. He explained quite clearly how the opportunity I was looking at was basically a scam. It would have cost me hundreds if not thousands had I enrolled.

Marcus’s site also explained to me how he had been involved with Wealthy Affiliate and how the training and support that was offered there had allowed him to replace his full time job with his website business. That was exactly what I wanted to do, so I became interested.

The part of the offer that swung it for me was the fact that you could access the starter course for free. That allowed me to test Wealthy Affiliate and see that is was genuine.

What concerns, if any, did you have before starting the free course?

I was concerned that it was a scam! Like so many other people I have tried a number of business opportunities over the years and had found none of them to be any good. None of them taught me how to successfully make money and all they did was take my money from me!

That was why the free course was such a big hook for me. I could create an account at Wealthy Affiliate, logon, join in and see that the platform was real. I had the chance to meet others online who were just like me and ask any questions that I wanted. I even had the opportunity to talk directly with the 2 guys who had set the whole thing up. This was without paying anything and without even having to enter my credit card details at all.

I have never found a business opportunity that allowed me to do that upfront for nothing.

What sort of PC or website skills did you have prior to joining?

I had previously used Microsoft Office, sent emails and surfed the net but I had no experience of website building. I must admit that was a concern looking back, was I really going to be able to build a site that looked “professional” rather than “homemade”.

As it turned out I could. I had heard of WordPress, but hadn’t ever used it but it really is very simple to use. All of the technical stuff is done in the background for you. You only really need to type and do some basic formatting as the system handles everything else for you.

I’m definitely now a fully paid up WordPress fan!

Was the free 10 part course actually free?

Yes it was.

I could work through it whenever I wanted, which suited me since I was fitting it in around a full time job and at no time either before, during or after I had finished the course was I asked to pay for anything. I been on a lot of programs that ask for payment details up front and promise they won’t charge your card, but even that didn’t apply here.

You simply access the course with a valid email and your own password and that’s it.

Was the free 10 part course any good?

Very good in my opinion. By the end of the final part I had actually built a functioning website and I could find it on Google. Given that I had no prior website building experience I was quite proud of my achievement!

The best bit about the course was that it broke down what I needed to do into small chunks that I could complete. The video tutorials show you what you need to do and you simply copy the process. Each time you finish a lesson, the system ticks it off for you so you can see how well you are getting on.

Were you pressurised into accessing the Premium content?

No I wasn’t. I was told about how it could help me out, but I wasn’t put under pressure to join. I had the option, as does everyone, to stay as a free member and this would allow me to continue to work on my site without paying anything.

Why did you decide to go Premium?

The more I worked on my site, the more I could see the possibilities of where my website business could go and I decided that if I was serious about making a proper income from my business then I had to give myself the best chance which meant accessing the premium tuition.

Premium covers a wide range of topics that I had little knowledge about, such as Pay Per Click and Social Media and understanding how to make use of these tools really gave my business a boost.

Have you had any problems?

I did get stuck at times, either with understanding a piece of training or thinking about the direction I wanted to go with my site but I had amazing help. The members at Wealthy Affiliate really do help each other out. If you ask a question in the Activity Dashboard someone will answer it, normally very quickly.

There is also the Live chat option which is great for talking directly to others who are logged into the system and you can always direct message the founders of the business if you want to put your question to the top people!

How much time do you spend working on your website?

It’s now a full time job for me, but I really enjoy it. I make sure I do something on it on 5 days out of 7 a week, but I’m not tied down to a specific routine or time frame and I have edited my site at 3am before, just because it suited me!

Over the course of a normal week about 30 to 35 hours, but some weeks I do more, others less. The flexibility offered by this type of work is one of the greatest benefits of running a website business.

What has been the best part about your Wealthy Affiliate experience?

It has taught me how to build online businesses and now that I have that skill, I can build as many as I like.

It’s down to me whether I want to scale things up and work more hours or keep at my current level.

I have the freedom I had been looking for for all of my life.

What has been the worst part?

In the early days, things did seem a bit overwhelming. There was a lot to take in but there were two things that really helped with that.

Firstly the training being in small pieces that built up as I went along was brilliant. If the course had been structured differently and everything had been thrown at me at once, I would have been swamped.

Secondly the support and encouragement I received from others was amazing. Wealthy Affiliate really has a family feel to it. Everyone who has found WA has the same ambition of building something successful and for that reason they all want to learn and help others to learn. I’ve never been involved in something that ultimately has commercial aims at it’s heart but was so caring and helpful at the same time

What advice would you give others who are thinking of taking the free 10 part course?

Start today!

It’s the first step on your journey to having your own business and you can start without taking any risk. But only you can take action and start the ball rolling:

>> Access the course here <<

Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

Can you briefly sum up what Wealthy Affiliate means to you?

It really has changed my life for the better. I am much happier now than I ever have been and I am enjoying life and it’s all down to the path that Wealthy Affiliate opened up for me.

Want to know what others think?

More Opinions on Wealthy Affiliate…

Are you a current WA member or have you been in the past? Then please share your experiences with us by using the comment box below.

Please feel free to share your website address to so others can see how far you’ve come

If you are considering joining and have concerns or questions, ask me here and I can help you

Wishing everyone success!


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103 Comments on "Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials"

  1. Hi there,

    This is a very interesting read!
    Great questions and I can relate to many of the answers myself, people are cautious when it comes to online opportunities (luckily!), but the free starter membership without having to show any credit card details or anything really convinced me to join.. It’s basically like signing up for facebook, and having a look around if you like it or not.
    I was wondering, is this your own testimonial or did you interview someone else?


    • Hi Maarten,

      The free starter course and membership really is unique in my opinion. Every other opportunity that I have ever looked at needed me to pay something upfront before I could see what was on offer. But, as you say, you can sign up and have a look around. If you like it, great, if you don’t, you’ve lost nothing and can simply leave.

      I can’t think of a better way to let people see how good WA is.

      To answer your question, the testimonial is about my own WA experience. I wrote down all of the questions that I was asking when I was thinking of signing up and then I answered them.

      I thought that others who may be looking at WA may have the same questions as I did, so if I could provide an answer for them it would help them decide whether to take a look or not.

      Thanks for your comment!

      Wishing you every success!


  2. John,
    I found WA the same way you did. I was reviewing other online opportunities and was directed to WA because the other systems are mostly scams. I am not as far along as you are, but so far I have been very happy with WA. The other members are very helpful, encouraging and truly interested in your success.

    • Hi Ron,

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

      Glad that WA is working out for you too!!

      Very best wishes

  3. Hello John, I found your journey to Find WA a mirror of what I have done the last 10 years, and still getting Scam emails on the latest and greatest offer. It was a great review of WA very informative and well written site, with great layout easy to read
    great work. thank you

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I think that so many of us found WA in the same way. We had all tried so many “Opportunities” and followed “gurus” but nothing actually helped any of us to build an online business or make any money.

      I still receive the scam emails too! A few years back I would probably have taken some of them up, but not any more!

      I hope your website business continues to flourish!



  4. I was finishing up a job I had been working on for over 12 years and was re-educating myself for my next job(s).

    I first saw information about Wealthy Affiliates in an online review, and I saw that they had a rather well developed University style online course.

    So I signed up and have not been disappointed. I’ve increased my skills dramatically. Even if I don’t make much money with the affiliate marketing that I have setup I have already received more value that I ever imagined from an online school.

    It has been well worth the price.


    • Hi Gary,

      It’s good to hear that the training has helped you to learn new skills and that you are making money from affiliate marketing.

      I agree that the monthly premium membership price is great value for money. I had a look at some University internet marketing courses and they were priced at $thousands and I wasn’t totally convinced that all of the techniques being taught were up to date.

      Keep up the good work!

      Thanks for stopping by Gary

      Best wishes


  5. I think your article gives a good overview of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I like specifically how you talk about how much time you spend per week and the detailed training involved. I also have always wanted to start a website and had no idea how – Wealthy Affiliate helped me get my website up and running. Can you talk about any specific obstacles you had to overcome?

    • Hi Jeff,

      My main obstacles were that I had no idea how to set up a website or how to make money from one!

      But, like so many others, WA changed that for me. I just followed the video tutorials, asked questions when I got stuck and joined in with the community and the result was a successful website business.

      I’m grateful to Marcus who introduced me to WA and also to Kyle and Carson for setting it up in the first place. It has changed my life and it can change other people’s too.

      There’s plenty of room at WA!!

      Cheers Jeff!


  6. John, I truly enjoyed reading your page. Liked the fact that it’s in the style of a news article and the question answer format is super effective! The questions you put to yourself are many of the ones I too asked myself when joining with Wealthy Affiliate. Like you, I’m very grateful for the small segments the lessons are broken into, the videos, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing them. Also, the incomparable support! There’s a real sense of belonging with W.A. Thank you for a great site John. You’ve definitely covered a lot of the concerns people have with starting an online business. Since joining in Feb. 2015, my site is coming along nicely, although I’m yet to experience any income. Q: In your experience John, how long did it take before you saw your first earnings? Jamie.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your comments and kind words.

      I thought that the question and answer style was the best way that I could tell others about what I was feeling/thinking when I first came across Wealthy Affiliate and how everything worked out for the best.

      I hope that my questions and answers will reduce any fear or anxiety that people may be feeling if they are thinking about getting involved.

      I’ve said it more than once, but the free starter course is an amazing offer. Anyone can create a logon and take a look at WA for free. They can then talk to others who are in the program already and ask them any question at all and see that it is a real opportunity.

      It’s the ultimate try before you buy!

      In terms of my first earnings, it was after 3 months 2 weeks and 4 days!! It was a huge turning point for my online business and I still smile when I look back at that moment! It was the first time that I understood what was possible.

      Glad your site is coming on well, just keep going and success will be yours very soon!

      Very best wishes to you


  7. Thank you for this opportunity to comment on my W.A experience John. I really related to the questions and answers you put to yourself on this great site. The thing that stands out to me the most since starting my own site is how involved it is. It most definitely becomes a legitimate business which I am very grateful for. Rather than being something clumsy, and unsuccessful. That’s why it’s such a benefit to have the training, guidance, and support that Wealthy Affiliate offers. My URL is; http://bestclassichorrormovies.com/ Thanks very much John. Great work!!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for replying with your website link this time!

      Great website – love the horror movies too!

      You’ve clearly come a long way, so glad that WA is working for you.

      WA really does help people to build a real business from home.

      Thanks for your comment

  8. donnacaliegh | July 23, 2015 at 2:20 am | Reply

    Hi John! I really like the way you wrote this with questions and answers because those were pretty much the same questions and concerns I had going into this as well, and I’m sure just about anyone who comes across this site will also have the same questions. You answered them all very candidly and my experience with Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much the same.

    Before I joined WA, I didn’t know much about website design at all. Here is what’s left of my old website donnaspartyart.iwarp dot com. There were ads on my page that I had no control over, I had no content, I had no idea how to customize my site at all, and I had no idea where to go for answers.

    Besides all the training I get at WA, I now have a pretty cool website donnaspartyart dot com), and writing blogs has broadened my knowledge and the direction of my business in ways I hadn’t even thought about before, which is very cool. I especially love the comments and feedback I get from the WA community about my blogs and website.

    I’m really happy I joined WA and I’m able to work full-time doing what I love to do now too, which is now not only doing face painting and other types of art at local parties and events, but also learning about website design, affiliate programs and writing blogs about party art.

    • Hi Donna,

      Your website is more than cool, its freezing!!!

      Here’s a clickable link to it:


      It’s so professional and looks like it would have cost a lot of money to have a web designer build it.

      I agree that the community support with feedback and comments and so on is so important, it really is a family feel with everyone helping each other.

      It’s amazing that you are now able to work full time doing what you enjoy, that’s something to be very proud of!

      Keep up your very good work

      Best wishes


  9. Hello John, Just like you I found Wealthy Affiliate while researching another online business that a friend had asked me to join. I discovered that someone had written a review on that business that was not favorable. Long story short, I clicked on a link about WA and decided that I wanted to know more. I signed up for the free membership and started the lessons. Within a few days I decided to upgrade to Premium and have never regretted that decision.

    Wealthy Affiliate is unlike anything I have ever experienced on the internet. The ability to have your own business along with training, support and the amazing community has made it possible for me to build a sustainable home based business for virtually no money. That is unheard of.

    I have an authority site http://latinaaffiliate.com with many posts ranking in the first 10 pages of Google. I worked through Bootcamp. I will soon begin to create my second niche site and plan to take the certification lessons again. I am here for the long haul. Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life for the better as for the first time in my online marketing experience I have found success!

    Thank you for allowing me to give you my testimonial. I’ve enjoyed reading how you started with Wealthy Affiliate and wish only the best of success for you as well.

    • Hi Angela,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your story is so similar to mine and so many others as we all found Wealthy Affiliate after trying/looking at other opportunities.

      Your website is looking amazing by the way and thanks for sharing the link.

      I’m so pleased that your business is growing and that WA has been positive for you!

      Best wishes and success to you too!

  10. John,
    I found WA the same way you did. I was reviewing other online opportunities and was directed to WA because the other systems are mostly scams. I am not as far along as you are, but so far I have been very happy with WA. The other members are very helpful, encouraging and truly interested in your success.

    • Hi Ron,

      Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate family!

      The people at WA who are building their sites are some of the most friendliest and helpful people I’ve ever come across.

      Whenever I’ve had a problem and asked a question, I had so many people provide an answer and usually within minutes.

      There’s no waiting around with support tickets or help desk phonecalls here.

      I’ll find your profile within WA and connect up with you.

      Great to meet you Ron!



  11. John,
    I don’t think we have met, but I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliates. I’m always happy to share my success with other people. Discovering wealthy affiliates was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am a stay at home mom of 2 and have spent countless hours looking on the internet trying to figure out a way to work at home. The way I figured it was, by the time I paid a babysitter, worked 40 hrs a week making minimum wage, and still had to do all the up keep of my home there was just no way I could make ends meet. After I joined Wealthy Affiliate it only took me a few days to have my website up and running. There are so many different ways to make money on a website. I can’t believe everyone isn’t doing it. But I will forever be grateful to Wealthy Affiliate for changing my life. I am now able to stay home with my kids and work when I want to. It’s the best feeling in the world! My website is called The Mom Connection Center. It is aimed at helping mothers or parents in general with everyday problems. Check it out and I will look you up on Wealthy Affiliate and start following you. Thanks for the article…
    — April Sexton
    The Mom Connection Center

    • Hi April,

      Thank you for letting us hear about your experiences with WA.

      Here’s a clickable link your website:


      Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for stay at home parents as you can work on your site and learn whenever you get some free time. Spending loads of time with your 2 kids and being able to earn a living at the same time is amazing – you should be very proud of what you’ve achieved!

      I hope that many other stay at home parents can also benefit from all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer.

      I’m following you back in WA!

      Thanks and best wishes


  12. Thank you for the valuable information. I love finding honest reviews that specify details. This is a thorough and helpful site and I feel you provide an opinion of a tried and true method of making money online.
    The articles are structured well and are broken down into helpful areas for easy navigation so readers can source the information that they require and are interested in quickly.

    • Hi there Ruth!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      My review is an honest account of my time with Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad you found it helpful.

      WA really is a tried and trusted method of earning online and so many people have been able to change their lives by following the tutorials and putting into practice all that is on offer.

      Very best wishes


  13. This is a beautifully done presentation of Wealthy Affiliate. Really a unique take, great style. While reading this I practically see myself. I have passed through all this not so long ago. I had the same concerns like you, and my own experience before joining WA was practically the same. It was overwhelming indeed as you rightly say. But you managed, just as I did. I have two sites built and hosted at WA.

    • Hi Jovo,

      Glad to hear you have two sites up and running, that’s a fantastic achievement!

      Please put the URLs in a comment so that others can find your site.

      The 10 part starter course is definitely the first step on the path to success!

      Thanks and best wishes


  14. Hey John, I have to say I’m envious of your website design.It properly designed & organised.

    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to read your article. It is an insightful article that give the reader a view of actually members & they experience as affiliates.

    Hope you keep up the good work/


    • Hi Hamilton,

      Thanks for the compliment regarding the web design – it’s all down to WordPress really as the software takes care of all the technical stuff.

      The 10 part training course can show anyone how to achieve something similar

      Share your website link in the comment box if you wish!


  15. Katerina Markakis | July 27, 2015 at 1:55 am | Reply

    This was a very interesting and informative post that will certainly help a lot of people who are thinking about subscribing to WA but are hesitant.
    I am a WA member and that is one of the best decisions I have ever took. Not only do I learn a whole lot but I am getting lots of help from people and success is simply inevitable.
    I think what made me subscribe was actually the free trial. It helps a lot for someone to take a look and use it for a few days before taking the decision to use their credit card.
    Thank you for sharing this great post!

    • Hi Katerina,

      Thanks for taking the time to write about how you’ve found Wealthy Affiliate.

      The free trial was probably the biggest factor for me too – as I said in my testimonial, I could have a good look around and see that WA was a real opportunity.

      Good to hear your getting on so well.

      Best wishes


  16. It DOES take only four steps to earn money online. Pick an interest, build a website, generate traffic and monetize your website. Of course, the steps in between requite work, efforts and commitment but once you get the basics, tools and help it really is easy.
    I’ve never seen anybody fail, unless they gave up.

    I have been working from home since 2009 and I wouldn’t trade my job for any other. However I did struggle for many years, not being able to understand what I was doing wrong. Probably investing in too many scams, getting ripped off and thinking I could get rich quickly…

    Then I came across Wealthy Affiliate by accident and it has changed my business completely! I quit all the scams I was losing money with and focused on real goals (not getting rich obviously.. but helping others, building something that would last in the long run, buying horses, building a wood house, etc…) and strangely I started making more money than I was before.
    When it comes to making money online, people should 1) make sure they are not wasting their time money and energy with scams 2) have real “whys” and goals, things that make them shiver with excitement 3) ask for help and feedback 4) never give up

    +1 for Wealthy Affiliate. Anyone who’s serious about earning money online should definitely give it a try !

    All the best

    • Thanks for commenting Sarah,

      I agree totally with you – it does require effort to make this a success, but following the training and using the tools really does make it easy.

      As you say, the most successful way to build a business is to focus on helping people and if you can do that, the money and profit will find you.

      Best of luck and wishing you continued success with your online business!


  17. Hi John,
    Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to build sustainable online revenue. I myself was saved from many unethical programs out there, and now learning things that is helpful to my readers.
    I personally spend around 3-4 hours daily on building my business. It takes some time though, but I know the reward is much bigger in the future 🙂


    • Hi Edy,

      Thanks for stopping by – I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is no different from building any other business in that it takes time and effort, but with WA you get a blueprint to follow!

      Look forward to reading more about your success as you progress

      Best wishes


  18. These are some awesome Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials, and great indepth answers to the questions 🙂

    I’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate before, and some of these questions had entered my head when considering to become a member.

    Your article answers all of my questions, and Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the ideal platform for my online business needs as a newbie.

    Thanks very much! Neil

    • Hi Neil,

      Glad the Q&As helped – they were the questions that I had before I joined so I wanted to help others who may have the same queries.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to build a long term online business so you’ve made a brilliant decision by getting involved!

      If you have any questions about anything, please ask either here or within WA itself.

      Good luck!


  19. Hi,

    I’m a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and joined up the same way as you did, with the free starter membership. It’s a great way to learn how to build a website and make money from it.

    By the way, great website you’ve made. I really like how you’ve designed your site. It is easy to navigate. Also, the format of your site is nice and easy to read. I will be bookmarking your site to refer back to for future cases.

    Best wishes to you in your future endeavors.


    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I found your profile page inside Wealthy Affiliate and can see that you are making great progress with your site.

      Well done and best wishes


  20. I like how professional your blog is. It is very clear to follow and simple instruction. You even explain your success and parts that was difficult for you. I like how you were honest. You were very details during your steps when you first signed up for WA. It will be easy for someone to do the same. I wondered how long did you struggle before you see success coming in?

    • Hi Sam,

      Great to meet you!

      The training videos kept me moving forward step by step and the community of people gave me support and help when I needed it, so it was hard work, but fun at the same time

      In terms of timescale, it was just after the 3 month mark that I made my first sale. From talking to others, that seems to be a common length of time too.

      If you link with my profile in WA I can help you to be successful too!

      Best wishes


  21. Melanie Townsend | August 2, 2015 at 1:06 am | Reply

    Hello! I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I am on my second month of being a Premium member. My website is on its way but it has a lot of work ahead of it. I am making my way up to twenty posts but I have been going back and rewriting to make the content better. I am very satisfied with my Wealthy Affiliate membership. I would have never been able to get this far on my own. They teach me everything I need to know and I am working my way through the courses. You are where I want to be in that you are doing your website as a full time job. I dream of the day that happens for me! Knowing that you can do it makes me more confident that I can do it.

    • Hi Melanie,

      You will definitely get there just keep doing what you’re already doing!

      Work through each course and keep working on your site.

      Twenty posts in 2 months is really good going by the way and that’s more than I had written when I was 2 months in.

      Glad to hear you’re doing so well – if you have any questions you know where to find me!



  22. Hmmm seems like quite an interesting opportunity really…especially if the ten lessons are free ( am I right in thinking they throw in 2 websites for this free gig to? )
    I am a little worried about the workload though – is it a lot of work and how hard is it? Remember I’m new to this and I do not know where to start!!!

    • Hi Chris,

      A free ten part course and two free hosted websites is exactly what’s on offer. Everyone can follow the lessons and have a functioning website by the end of lesson 10.

      Workload is a great question to ask. There is no shortcut, you have to go through the lessons and then continue to work on your site. Most people who come to Wealthy Affiliate have a full time job and therefore only have some free time in the evenings or at the weekend, but that works fine. In my opinion a few hours a week would be OK as a minimum, but the more time you can spend on your site the better your results will be.

      If you need any help as you go through the course, just ask for help!

      Best wishes


  23. Hey John,
    Thanks for the great information. You have ask the same questions, I would ask when looking for an opportunity to make money online. I am still a little concerned about the PC or website skills. I really have none and am afraid of signing up and not knowing enough or getting lost when its explained to me.

    • Hi Chris,

      Don’t be afraid!

      Most people who have found Wealthy Affiliate don’t have great website skills, but that really is OK. WordPress is very easy to use and the training videos show you everything you need to do a step at a time. The best bit though is that if you do get stuck there are so many ways you can get help.

      1. You can reply the training videos as often as you like

      2. You can search the database of questions and answers that people have asked before

      3. You can post a question to the community which means that someone will be able to help

      4. You can ask me for help

      5. You can ask the owners of Wealthy Affiliate for help.

      I was worried when I started as I had never really built a website before but the videos really make it easy.

      The thing to do is to take the free 10 part course. You have nothing to lose and it won’t cost you anything at all. When you work through the 10 lessons you will learn how to build your business and myself along with the great guys at Wealthy Affiliate will help you as you progress.

      This is the real deal

      Best wishes


  24. Hey John,

    I love how you started out on your own journey and then expanded from there, this really brings it down to a personal level for your readers.

    I always do a ton of googling before signing up or purchasing anything nowadays with all the scams that were out there.

    More than anything, the thing that sold me on Wealthy Affiliate was the community and support, it’s second to none!

    Freedom Weight Loss

    • Hi Aiden,

      Great to hear your business is going well.

      Googling an opportunity before getting involved is something that everyone should do. There are so many programs that promise everything but often deliver nothing, so checking out reviews and opinions in advance is definitely the right thing to do.

      Wishing you continued success!

      Best wishes


  25. hamilton@walentservices.com | August 14, 2015 at 2:02 pm | Reply

    Hi John, I always think that first impressions are really important if you are going to keep visitors on your site and you really kept me. First the format of your site look like a really good quality magazine that is easy on the eyes. The font size and type is perfect. I like the way to section it, asking the question that is on your visitors mind and then giving all the relevant information from a very personal perspective. Great site.

    • Hi Hamilton,

      Glad you liked the layout, I thought that it would help to answer the questions that I had before I started with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for getting in touch

      Best wishes


  26. Hi John,

    I like the bit where you say that this is now a full time job for you, and that you work on it 30 to 35 hours per week, giving yourself 2 days off with no specific routine.

    What does your informal routine look like at this stage?
    Are you maintaining more than 1 website?


    • Hi David,

      Thanks for commenting!

      Just the one website at the moment, that takes up all my time!

      Hope your site is doing well too

      Best wishes


  27. Throughout the last 8 years, I have continued to improve my own online business success as the direct result of the training, tools and support offered within Wealthy Affiliate.


  28. Great review of wealthy affiliate. I agree with all that you said about it. I was not pressured to join either and the lessons are very good. I have learned a lot about starting my online business. I am really proud of myself for what I have accomplished. I know how you feel. I did not have any experience either. It is a great system to start. Your review was great again. You will have lots of success.

    • Hi Leigh Ann

      You’ve come so far in such a short time, well done!

      I agree totally that no-one needs any prior experience to learn the skills that WA teach.

      Good luck and thanks for stopping by


  29. Hi John! Real people testimonial is definitely helpful when you want to learn more about a product or program. I really got inspired with your post. Actually I am just on my 2nd month in WA and so far everything seems going into place. However, there are times that I lose my passion. Thanks for helping me gaining it back.

    Best regards,

    • Hi John,

      Sounds like you’re getting on great. I know what you mean about losing motivation sometimes, it happens to us all, but I’ve found that the friends I’ve made inside WA help me out.

      Good luck and best wishes


  30. Hi John,

    The iinformation that you included in this interview based explainer post was very insightful and thorough. These are the same questions I asked my self and that others have asked me when inquiring about the Wealthy Affiliate program!

    My experience has been simiar to yours, except I actually wasted a bit of money prior to finding Wealthy Affiluate. Since I joined, it has been a daily routine to stop by there and contribute, learn, and interact with the very active community!

    Like you, I had little experience with developing web sites, and in fact I have paid huge sums of money in my earlier days to have web sites created for some of my businesses!

    The Wealthy Affiliate educational program they have developed has made that no longer necessary, I can prepare better looking ones myself tnan the ones I paid so much for before!

    This post will help untold new people considering entering the online marketing business save money, time, and work! Thanks for the excellent work on your part!

    • Hi Dave,

      I am so glad that I found the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

      I’ve been trying to think of a way of summing WA up and I would say that it has taught me the skills to earn money in the modern internet World.

      That is quite frankly priceless in my opinion.

      The internet will certainly be around for my lifetime and as I now know how to make money from it, I know I will be comfortable.

      I want to spread the word and let as many people as possible access the training so that they can also benefit and improve their lives.

      Thanks for sharing your experiences

      Wishing you continued success and good luck

      Best wishes


  31. Hi John,
    Thanks for writing up the experience so well. I came into WA in a very similar way when I was between jobs. My experience with the free starter course was great and made me feel like I could really do this. I have always wanted a way to share what I have learned with others and this seems to be the way.
    I’m still looking forward to reaping financial rewards but with WA to guide me along I am sure I will get there.

    • The free starter course was how we all started – it’s a great introduction covering how to create content and how to start to work with Google.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with my website visitors, I also want to spread the word about what WA can do for people.

      If I had to sum it up, it’s a way that ordinary people can learn the new skill of how to make money from the internet. The internet is the largest marketplace on the planet and all anyone needs to be successful is to grab a tiny piece of it and that’s what WA teaches you.

      Thanks for your comment

      Wishing you success and good luck!


  32. I can definitely agree with everything you said about Wealth Affiliate. I’ve had so many “get rich quick” schemes thrown my way and I thought thats what wealthy affiliate was. It’s most definitely not. In fact, they tell you that it’s going to take time!

    I’ve had my blog for over 3 years now. I was averaging 20-30 visitors a day if If was aggressive about posting on forums and getting attention through facebook. It was a grind. I’ve learned more from wealthy affiliate in the last 3 or so weeks than I have in 3 years of doing it on my own. My website traffic is averaging 130-150 visits a day and that number keeps growing.

    It’s definitely worth it.

    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences of Wealthy Affiliate.

      The fact that Marcus, the guy who referred me to WA, said from the start that this would involve effort and work really set this apart from the other “opportunities” that I had looked at.

      The others promised to make me rich with no effort required or just with a few clicks per day. I knew that their promises couldn’t hold water as anything that can build wealth must need input otherwise everyone on the planet would be rich.

      It’s great to hear your website is doing so well!

      Very best wishes and continued good luck!


  33. Matthew Thomas | October 2, 2015 at 1:22 am | Reply

    I always knew I wanted to have my own business, which led me on my way to eventually find Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, and being that I was right out of college with limited funds, I didn’t have too many options.

    I began searching for the best businesses to start on Google and don’t even remember exactly how I landed on Wealthy Affiliate. I was naturally worried that it was a scam, but as soon as I took the plunge with the free starter membership, I knew I’d found something great.

    I built my first website that was ranking in search engines and gaining traffic, and just like you mentioned above, it was a great feeling. The best part about it is it can work for anyone, in any niche they’d like. There’s so much opportunity online for you to pursue your passion. The bottom line is, I wouldn’t have a profitable online business without their training & support.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      I found Wealthy Affiliate to be a training platform that actually helped me to build a tangible business and I am so glad that I was introduced to it.

      I urge anyone who needs to make some extra money to take up the free starter course and start their journey as soon as possible.

      Good luck and continued success Matthew!

      Very best wishes


  34. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for almost 2 months now and can honestly say my search for the perfect place to build an online business has ended!

    I stumbled on it like so many others. I was researching ways to make money online. I found WA and decided to check it out. I didn’t need to give any personal information so I had nothing to loose. Within 48 hours I was premium.

    In the past two months I have learned more then I could ever imagine. I have a website, a whole new community to work with and a wealth of information regarding niches, keywords and SEO.

    I am just blown away that I finally found something that didn’t scream scam. The help at Wealthy Affiliate is 5 star! Just this morning I needed help with my website and in 5 minutes it was solved. Just like that.

    Thanks for providing the opportunity to tell our story! WA is the place to be!

    • Hi Melody,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      WA is the real deal and the more people that can find us here and start earning for themselves the better!

      The fact that folks can take a look without providing any personal information as you did means that there is zero risk in taking a look.

      Glad you are here!

      Best wishes and good luck


  35. Hi, I stumbled upon this site, which is amazing I must say! Such a useful and quality content and site layout overall . Very good written and easy to understand, especially for beginners.
    I will definitely visit your site in the future, thank you very much for sharing this knowledge and good luck.
    Best regards

    • Hi there,

      The training videos are brilliant and definitely help those of us (like myself) that had no prior understanding and knowledge about how to make money online.

      Keep learning and you will be successful.

      Best wishes


  36. Well I’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate for several years now so I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents ( if that’s ok ). The platform is excellent and you can be earning good money if you stick to it! It’s all about learning and building at the same time – dedication and hard work my friend!

    • Hi Chris,

      Rome wasn’t built in a day and time and effort is the key to success. If you’re prepared to work then you can earn the income that you desire.

      All you need to learn is here..

      Thanks for your input

      Best wishes


  37. It’s great to see so many healthy testimonials of the WA in one place – a great place to learn! I have been a member for several years now and I work online full time running 5 websites. All of this is down to them – I had no idea what a blog was before I landed up on their doorstep. The only place to build a business online!

  38. The information in this post is really valuable. It is very insightful to me. I have heard a lot about Wealthy Affiliate program and I have been asking me the same questions too. I wasted lots of money and time in the past before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. There are way too many scams out there in the market. Simply put, there are too many bad apples and I am very skeptical about Wealthy Affiliate.

    You post assures me that WA is worth trying. I think I am going to give it try! I have very little experience in websites or internet business. I have no clue how and where to start! I hope I will make the right choice this time!

    Thanks for your time and effort in putting this up and share with the newbies. I will come back for more!!

    • Hi Alex,

      Wealthy Affiliate really is a proper business opportunity. The free starter membership is a risk free way of seeing what’s on offer and if it’s not for you then you can simply walk away.

      I was the same as you in that I knew nothing about building websites and was worried that it would be too difficult/complex but it was easy to follow. There is a lot to do, but you are shown everything you need to understand step by step.

      Give it a go my friend and if you need any help just ask!

      Best wishes


  39. I was trying to earn some income doing surveys and ppc sites ( a complete waste of time from my experience ) i decided i couldn’t be losing anymore time with that and decided to look for an alternative regarding online income , but knowing about all the scams going on i was quite skeptical and cautious aat the same time. I came across a great WA review and decided to give it a try for that free week.
    It was a wise decision i don’t regret and i think i never will, WA teaches you that success is possible with hard work, and not a matter of “If” but “when” you achieve success.

    • Hi Alan,

      Glad you’ve found WA.

      There is so much on the net that really won’t help you to build an income, but WA is different.

      I keep going on about the free starter membership, but that’s because it a way that anyone can take a good look at the program without committing any money.

      If you think it’s not for you, then you’ve lost nothing…

      If it works for you then……

      Take the plunge, spend a few evenings taking a look around and you will see what WA is all about

      Take care and good luck!


  40. Great questions that come to everyone’s mind before joining a program. I was very happy when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate and I’m still happy to a member of this awesome community. It changed my life and I’m now making money every month. Not a lot but it’s growing and I’m happy to run my own business that doesn’t require a lot of investments. The only investment it does require is your continuous effort and time.

    • Hi Rufat,

      Making money every month is what’s it’s about. It does take time and effort but you are reaping the rewards of your hard work. Well done and keep going!

  41. Hi John

    I always find it really interesting to see how people discovered Wealthy Affiliate, especially as so many people have tried many different things before finally landing here.

    I have been with them for 7 months or so and I’ve been very impressed with the level and quality of training that they provide. I especially like the way members can upload their own internal training which keeps everything up to date. You really do get a sense of working within an active community and it’s a great way to learn, you are never made to feel stupid and always encouraged to ask questions which is great.

    I hope others feel encouraged from your blog because I think it does accurately reflect what to expect when you join. Thanks for sharing, Marie

  42. Hi John

    I always find it really interesting to see how people discovered Wealthy Affiliate, especially as so many people have tried many different things before finally landing here.

    I have been with them for 7 months or so and I’ve been very impressed with the level and quality of training that they provide. I especially like the way members can upload their own internal training which keeps everything up to date. You really do get a sense of working within an active community and it’s a great way to learn, you are never made to feel stupid and always encouraged to ask questions which is great.

    I hope others feel encouraged from your blog because I think it does accurately reflect what to expect when you join. Thanks for sharing, Marie

    • Hi Marie,

      Sharing how to make our businesses work better is how the community helps each other.

      The videos and other training provided is world class and added to that everyone else’s ideas and input makes success an easy path to follow!

  43. Derek Marshall | December 16, 2015 at 6:27 pm | Reply

    Wealthy Affiliate is not just an affiliate marketing training course or a course teaching how to blog using wordpress it is a community of like minded people that really encourage others and actively help other with any problems or issues they are having…even if they are in direct competition by being in the same niche.

    • Hi Derek,

      The marketplace of the world wide web is huge and there is space for all of us to prosper..

      By sharing what works and what doesn’t we can all achieve the success that we want!

      Best wishes


  44. This is a great testimonial from you. I agree that WA will never push you to go premium and they will let you know all about the premium costs before you join.

    This way people cannot say that it is an upsell. I also try to work at least 30 hours per week at least. Luckily my efforts are starting to pay off as I already got paid for the products that I have sold.

    • Hi my friend,

      Getting paid is what’s its all about when you get your business up and running..

      Premium is the way to really develop your business but as you say it’s not compulsory



  45. Hi John, I really appreciate your honest testimonial on Wealthy Affiliate and I can certainly add to testify to the effectiveness of this program. I bumped into WA when I was looking to join a program called the Clickbank University. It was a great program, but it is only limited to Clickbank products which is a bit restricting for me. Coincidentally the review recommended WA as the more superior program, and so I gave WA a try. Although I was at first skeptical if the Starter Membership is free, it turns out to be true and of great value. The rest is history for me and never look back since. Thanks again John for sharing your testimony.

  46. Hi John, I really appreciate your honest testimonial on Wealthy Affiliate and I can certainly add to testify to the effectiveness of this program. I bumped into WA when I was looking to join a program called the Clickbank University. It was a great program, but it is only limited to Clickbank products which is a bit restricting for me. Coincidentally the review recommended WA as the more superior program, and so I gave WA a try. Although I was at first skeptical if the Starter Membership is free, it turns out to be true and of great value. The rest is history for me and never look back since. Thanks again John for sharing your testimony.

    • Hi Dominic,

      The starter membership is 100% free and is a way that anyone can trial the system without spending anything!

      Anyone can make cash from the internet by following what is shown at WA



    • Hi Dominic,

      The starter membership is 100% free and is a way that anyone can trial the system without spending anything!

      Anyone can make cash from the internet by following what is shown at WA



  47. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely workable for anyone who is keen to earn honest money online. I totally agreed with you that the Free To Join is what make me initially trust Wealthy Affiliate. No harm trying out right? However, it is important to take note that Wealthy Affiliate is no way a get rich scheme. Great journey to where you are now.

    • Hi Steve,

      Absolutely no get rich quick!! This is a system to build a real, proper online business. There is no such thing as get rich quick, if there was we would all be doing it..

      It’s not hard, just requires a bit of dedication and anyone can profit



  48. Great testimonial men. I completely understood how wealthy affiliate works because of your article. Actually, I was hesitant to join in wealthy affiliate because I am already scammed before and I don’t want to be scammed again. So, you didn’t have any prior experience in making online business before? How long have you been in the program before you actually made some money?

    • Hi John,

      The first actual money was after 3 months, which was actually quite quick, but it depends on what niche you choose. If its a niche that’s already very popular it will take a little longer for your site to rise through the competition, if your niche is more defined, you can get their quicker!

      Best wishes


  49. I can attest that Wealthy Affiliate is the best source to getting your online business up and running. I can tell you that only after having my site up for three weeks, I was already making money! You just can’t beat the value with Wealthy Affiliate. I think the price is worth just the hosting alone. Let alone all the training you get.

    • Hi Jason,

      Three weeks is very impressive, well done! Just goes to show, if you take action then success will follow!


  50. I had no experience with marketing, blogging or anything like that when I came online to work several years ago. Due to the wealthy affiliate I now own and run 5 websites for a living and work in my shorts and socks (quite literally!). The bills are always paid and I have no financial worries – the $47 I pay a month for membership is a tiny percentage of what I earn every month. If you want to be successful online sign up – I made it with the first two FREE site rubix websites! (one of them is still raking in money even today!). Don’t think – just do! Simple

    • Hi Chris,

      Exactly – don’t think just do! Anyone can succeed at this, but no-one will do it for you



  51. Starting a home base business like wealthy affiliate is a great thing because wealthy affiliate model is sound and solid. When I hear about many of the memebers and the story that the present about how they are finding success is so amazing. As members we can make it and change the quality of our life as long as we do our home work the right way and with time we will see and reap the rewards. Thanks again for sharing, your article is well detailed. All the best.

  52. I have always been afraid to start and online business because of all the scams out there, but wealthy affiliate seems to be more than just a get rich quick program. they seem to be more about helping their members build an online business. the members also seem to be very active which is a great thing. def interested in learning more. Thanks!

  53. Wealthy affiliate seems like a very interesting company. they seem to be more about helping members build a business rather than make promises to get you rich. I have always wanted to start an online business but have been afraid to because of this. but i like how active the members seem to be. Will definitely look into wealthy affiliate more. Thanks!

  54. Simon Crowe in Asia | May 20, 2017 at 1:48 pm | Reply

    Thank you John I really needed this!

    I joined Wealthy Affiliate a coupe of days ago and you wrote exactly what was running through my head! 🙂

    I had been scammed many times so I went into the members area VERY guarded, VERY cautious and not about to let anyone pull the wool over my eyes.

    Like you, I really liekd the fact they give you the first course within the Starter membership. And I have to say, I have been very pleasantly surprised at just how friendly (genuine friendly) people are and the quality of the training is excellent.

    It’s really refreshing, I’m still not letting my hopes up until I’ve made my first commission, because then and only then will it be confirmed for me, but things are looking really good so far, so we’ll see!

  55. Jacob Schilling | December 21, 2017 at 1:42 am | Reply

    I can definitely tell just from these testimonials all of the value that wealthy affiliate has to offer. I hope myself that I can reach for that brass ring within the affiliate marketing world and have my own success story as well. I would definitely like to be a part of changing somebody’s life due to my testimonial.

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